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CWTV Ground Crew

Canadian Whitetail is a team assembled from the best and most successful whitetail hunters in North America. All with their unique strengths creating an award winning whitetail show unlike anything on air. Hunting whitetails for the team is not a hobby, pastime or activity, rather a way of life rooted in a deep passion and appreciation for hunting old mature monarch whitetail.

Dean Partridge

Dean Partridge grew up bow hunting whitetail. Learning from his father a passion and respect for the greatest, and most cunning big game animal on earth, the whitetail deer. By the age of 30 having taken 20+ pope and young, and multiple Boone and crockett class whitetail with his bow.

Dean was filming hunts for TV shows like Hunting Canada and beyond, one of Canada's legendary trail blazing productions and working closely along side well know and respected outdoor hosts and producers such as Jason Peterson. 3 years later in 2010, the production that would change the whitetail world was born, and Dean, along with good friends Jason Peterson and Steve Csizmar and their team created Canadian Whitetail Television.

In its Rookie Season Canadian Whitetail shocked the industry featuring free range do it yourself hunts for not just big whitetails, but the old mature unhuntable grey ghosts of the deer woods including bowhunts for 195" and 206" inch legends and several other 170 inch whitetails. Carrying that accomplishment and goal, the team repeated the dream for season 2. Dean and the team continue to bring spectacular footage of the monster whitetails all hunters fantasize about to the the big screen. Showing Viewers the ups, downs and everything in between on how a hunt, and a quest for a giant, really goes.

Jason Peterson

Josh Laycock

Billy Chesher

Steve Ciszmar

Cam Sutherland

Rochelle Partridge

Ken Hayworth

Ryan Onufreychuk

James Place

About CWTV

Born and Raised on the family farm near Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Dean Partridge began following his father, and learning about hunting whitetail deer at a very young age.

This quickly turned from a pastime into a fascination, to a complete lifestyle. Working closely with Jason Peterson...


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